The Keys to success

Quality First

We adhere to a philosophy of quality both at the product and at the service levels. This quality approach has allowed RANDA to meet the expectations of consumers and resellers and achieve a high degree of customers’ satisfaction. The current leading position of Randa in the Tunisian market is a proof of its commitment to excellence and quality.

Participative Management

We have a human resources policy based on participative management and staff motivation. This policy is enhanced by a high rate of supervision at the level of the company and a system of continuous training for the different levels of the hierarchy.

A sound financial foundation

Randa has a solid financial foundation, since the company ” Les Industries Alimentaires SA” is supported by the group HACHICHA, a leading group of several companies with a turnover of about 200 million US dollars, a combined capital of about 16 Million US Dollars and an investment strength of approximately 92 Million US dollars. This financial situation, which gives strength not only to the group, but also to each of its companies, including RANDA, promotes a better economic and financial development.